Driftyness’ new home is driftyness.com

I’ll continue to blog here for a while before exclusively posting on the new site.

I’ll transfer all my followers over to the new site between now and November.

Continue reading for more information.

My Request

Community is one of the most important things to me about this blog and I want to make sure that continues over at the new site. Can you test it out and tell me how it’s working for you? Are you able to make comments as usual? Is there anything that can be improved? Please leave a comment here or contact me with any feedback. I’d really appreciate it!

The Backstory

I’ve been blogging every month for about a year now. I’ve proved to myself that I can stick with blogging and I’ve come to love it even more than I thought I would. My blog has been growing, and I’m so excited about the connections I’ve been able to form through blogging. I feel like there’s a little community growing on my blog (I seriously love the conversations we’ve been having in the comments!), and I feel like my writing is getting better.

I’ve been thinking about self-hosting probably since last September when I just started challenging myself to publish posts more regularly. I didn’t want to pay to blog unless I was serious about it, but I think I’ve shown myself that I am.

So it’s time.

The Vision

My hope for the new Driftyness website is that it continues to grow into a community full of caring, interesting, and insightful women and men with lots of wisdom to share. I hope we can continue to have thoughtful conversations and share our experiences with each other.

I also hope that the move will continue to push me as a writer. I want to write more creatively, tell better stories, and learn how to move an audience. Thank you for all the wonderful feedback you’ve given me on my writing.

I also look forward to the creative freedom of having my own site and being able to create an online space that reflects my goals for my blog.

This sounds like an awful lot like an acceptance speech, and I’m sorry. This just feels a lot like I’m growing up as a blogger, and I’m excited. Thank you for the camaraderie, the conversations, the prayers, the advice, and the community. I look forward to continuing that with you.

Next Steps

I’ll be migrating my followers from this site to the new site between now and November.

For now, I’ll be publishing identical posts on both driftyness.com and this site, driftyness.wordpress.com. At some point, I’ll post exclusively on the new site, but I’ll announce it before I do.

You’ll still be able to follow the new site on WordPress. Email signup is also available.

I can’t wait for our next adventures at the new driftyness.com!


Image via STIL @ Unsplash

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22 thoughts on “Driftyness is moving!

      1. Hey Sis, Just wanted you to know that Sunday – I was attempting to read your new post. But for some reason, it told me I needed a password to read it. Unsure, as to what was going on – but wanted you to know. Although, it might be fixed by now. I’ll check and see soon.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thanks for the heads up! I published the post then I thought I should let Let’s Build Futures see it first so I put a password on it. I tried to take it off social media but you’re fast! Sorry you went through that. I really appreciate you checking it out!

          Liked by 1 person

  1. Hey Sis! Don’t know how I missed this post but YAYYYYYYYY!!!! I’m excited – I always thought your writing was superior, like no joke so it’s always been spot on for me. I’m happy for you and can’t wait to see what the next chapter/adventure holds. I know you got some good stuff cooking up and I can’t wait to hand you my plate. Love you, See you on the other side and this side too….lol

    Liked by 1 person

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