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H ncHello, my name is C. I’m an ambitious twentysomething who is trying to build a life that I love. For me, a well-loved life means living out my faith every day, doing a job that brings me joy and helps people out, and great relationships with the people in my life. I’m currently a grad student trying to navigate my Christian faith, school, my future career, the dating world, and my finances. I’m pretty passionate about living my best life and encouraging other people to live theirs.

Driftyness is a collection of personal essays and blog posts written as I document my journeys in reaching my goals and in discovering the little things that make life more meaningful, more joyful, and more manageable.

My hope is that we can learn some things together and have some good conversations & laughs along the way. After all, birds of a feather flock together.





About the Bird

The bird logo above is something I drew when I was a teenager. At the time, I had all kinds of dreams about who and how and where I wanted to be. I looked forward to my future self a lot, but I often got the sense that I was missing the good traits & experiences I already had. The drawing was a hope and a reminder to see the good in myself in the present, no matter how far into the future I wanted to look. That’s why the bird, who is otherwise very plain, is looking back at its intricate tail feathers. Sometimes we take ourselves and our lives for granted, but there is always something beautiful about our lives that stands behind us and helps to shape who we are.


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