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What a Black Maxi Dress Taught Me About Managing My Finances

WWhen I saw it, I gasped. The perfect loose-yet-draping-in-the-right-places dress. It was long and covered my legs, which meant I could skip the lotion if I was running late (#girlhacks). The V-neck cut was décolletage friendly without leaving me feeling overexposed, the thin and seamless straps made it look a little more designed than your average black maxi dress, and the material was one that wouldn’t start forming those horrid little balls that make whole outfits look shabby.

It wasn’t crazy expensive, but as a grad student with a limited income, I still had to save up for it. I calculated how long it would take for me to get it, and I checked on the dress a few days later.

To my horror, it was sold out and hasn’t been restocked since. My feelings were hurt, and to be honest, I’m still a little salty.

It bugged me even more because this has happened before on multiple occasions. Bombshell little black dress for a ridiculous price? Can’t afford it. Cute statement jewellery that matches my glasses? Too broke. Flash sale at one of my favourite stores? Not enough money for that, sorry.

I think I’ve got it half right in that I shouldn’t be spending money I don’t have, but I think I’m half wrong in not being prepared for situations that are only partly unpredictable: I know that they’ll happen, but I just don’t know when.

Join me as I try to get myself together.

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It’s May Already!? My Goals for May

HHow are we in a new month already? Pop quiz: Is April faster than Usain Bolt?

Hint: yes.

I’ve been seeing monthly goals posts for a while elsewhere in the blogosphere, and I thought that I’d like to give it a try.

Being a student, a twentysomething, and reigning Queen of the Quarter Life Crisis (my title is Your Lowness, thanks) has left me feeling pretty uncertain and directionless for a little over a year now. Goals would be very much appreciated.

So here are my goals for this month. I’ll try not to get carried away but that comes with a 0% guarantee.

*this blog post contains affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you make a purchase

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Movin’ On Up: What Is the Sunshine Blogger Award?

cropped-lowcase-d-aviDriftyness is honoured to be nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award by the lovely Roshonda of JustsumInspiration!

The Sunshine Blogger Award seems to be a bit of a WordPress mystery, and I’m not sure where it originated, even after doing a bit of digging. So for the purposes of clarity, I’m defining it as an award that’s given to bloggers who make us smile, entertain us, uplift us, or make content that we enjoy. It’s an award that’s used to acknowledge someone’s contributions as a blogger.

I may or may not have written an acceptance speech. So bring your tissues and someone call my mom!

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Overly Ambitious: Lessons from Doing Too Much

HHello! I’m officially back from my hiatus! Thanks for your patience with me. If you’ve read my last post, you’ll know that I was dealing with I-took-on-way-too-much-itis. Symptoms include stress-eating, tears, procrastination, and the urge to curse people out. Treatment is getting ish done.

Now that I’m finished with the craziness that was March and had some time to reflect, I have some thoughts about why I took on too much in the first place and how I’m going to avoid that in the future. Let’s talk about FOMO (fear of missing out), unrealistic expectations, and the dreaded P-word: priorities (dun, dun, dun). Continue reading “Overly Ambitious: Lessons from Doing Too Much”

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Why I’m Taking a Break From Blogging

II have this thing where I feel like I need to take on a lot in order to be successful. Which is ironic considering that I’ve been one of those people vigorously nodding along to quotes & articles about our harmful obsession with busyness. I thought I’d never fall into that mindset, but I guess I have to eat my words now. Pass the salt?

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